Branding + Marketing


A brand is a perception. It is what people think of you, not just what you say you are. The point of branding is to create an emotional connection, and the most successful brands are informed by community input and confirmed by feasibility. A key factor for assessing feasibility is determining what is unique about your community. The key findings from the public input distinguish the following Edinboro assets as notable:

  • Edinboro University
  • Edinboro Lake
  • The school district
  • The distinct four seasons

Though Edinboro has much to offer in recreational opportunities, little of this is known to those outside the borough.

Working alongside the Edinboro Steering Committee, Atlas:

  • Designed a new, fresh and exciting logo for the borough that highlights its unique four seasons.
  • Developed a marketing campaign playbook around the idea of the Four Seasons.
  • Created a downtown guide map for digital and print use.

The Logo

Building off broad community input, Atlas created a logo using the existing color palette from the ECED website:

Using Pennsylvania’s shape as the base for the logo, the state was then divided into four “panels” and assigned a color to represent the four seasons. Each panel depicts something to do that is representative of Edinboro.

  • Winter (1st blue panel): A pair of skis in snow pays homage to Mount Pleasant and the annual snowfall.
  • Spring (2nd green panel): The botanical imagery alludes to the Goodell Gardens & Homestead, which offers a variety of sights and events annually.
  • Summer (3rd yellow panel): Water and sunshine represent Edinboro Lake and spending time on the beach soaking up the sun.
  • Fall (4th maroon panel): Outdoor trails represent the endless hiking, walking, and biking trails for recreational use. A home near the trail is a nod to living in Edinboro.

As part of the logo, the steering committee also felt it essential to identify Edinboro’s location. A snowflake placed in the upper left-hand corner represents the location. Though not evident, this representation fits with the logo’s overall aesthetic and adds another layer of interest–one that may prompt viewers to look a little deeper.

Lastly, the steering committee decided on the tagline “A Community For All Seasons” to accompany the logo, bolstering the overall Four Seasons Campaign.

The Campaign

The idea for the Four Seasons Campaign came about after much public input and steering committee feedback. Atlas believes this is a genuine representation of a distinct Edinboro quality that can be used throughout the year, with consistent “refreshing” to reflect the four seasons.

By highlighting all Edinboro has to offer “through the lens” of the four seasons, one will be able to understand why the borough truly is a “Community for All Seasons.” While the campaign heavily focuses on recreational opportunities throughout the four seasons, other aspects of the community are also considered, such as living/housing and overall quality of life.

There is an internal strategy focused on attaining cohesion and support within the community and an external strategy to achieve the goals of tourism development and population growth.

The full campaign is outlined in a fully-formatted PDF and includes:

  • An overview of the playbook
  • An outline of the goals
  • Four identified target audiences
  • Information on the logo and its development
  • An internal campaign strategy
  • An external campaign strategy
  • Best practices for implementation

Edinboro Downtown Guide Map

The Edinboro Downtown Guide Map was created out of the need to give visitors a sense of place and full visual understanding of all the places you can shop, dine, play and sleep within the downtown area. Sure, all of this information can be found online with a few searches, but the visual impact brings a whole new meaning and feeling of excitement.

  • Place it at municipal buildings as well as hotels for easy distribution to travelers. This will “set the scene” and allow them to quickly note all that Edinboro has to offer.
  • Downtown businesses should also have it handy, so they can give them to customers as needed.
  • Use it as part of a welcome package for new residents.
  • Include the map on the ECED website for quick viewing and downloading at home.

Questions to answer

Atlas recommends that the Edinboro Community and Economic Development (ECED) take ownership of the map. Since much of the content for the map originates from the ECED website, it makes the most sense to have it coexist with their content. 

This means the ECED will be tasked with:

  • Making changes and additions to the map as necessary
  • Maintaining the map for online use
  • Printing the map for distribution
  • Handling distribution of the map to area businesses and people
  • Serving as point of contact for businesses or individuals with questions related to the map

An annual update is the most practical, keeping in mind that each time it is updated, it will need to be reprinted.

However, should Edinboro see an influx of new businesses or other changes during the year, it may make sense to update it sooner. Even if not much has changed, it is still a good idea to refresh the content and photos contained within the inside panels of the map.

ECED may want to even consider keeping the online version of the map as up-to-date as possible, but clarify that the printed version of the map will online be updated yearly.

Whatever the case may be, it will be up to the ECED to make the decision and keep the public informed about how it will be handled.

Because there is a cost associated with printing, the ECED may want to consider a nominal one-time fee to new businesses to be added to the map. This may also help account for the time it takes to make the necessary changes.

Future Considerations

The ECED can partner with local restaurants to have the map printed into paper placemats that can be explored while patrons wait for their food. Partnering with others can bolster exposure and distribution and lower overall printing costs.

Additionally, sponsorships can be solicited from businesses who may be interested in having their logo included in part of the map. Even for a nominal fee, this can essentially cover the cost of the map for the year.

There is endless potential for the use of this map. It can be more than just a guide for visitors – it can act as a scavenger hunt or a list of “must-do” and “must-see” attractions. 

It can be the object of a social media campaign, encouraging residents and visitors to show the world how they #ExploreEdinboro.

Getting creative with how the map is used will entice people to use it.